• All dimensions are in inches.
  • These flanges will be furnished with a 1/16" raised face unless otherwise specified.
  • Flat face option available.

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    Unit of Measure


    Flange Type

    N/A Slip-On

    Nominal Pipe Size

    N/A 42

    Outside Diameter (O)

    N/A 49.00

    Thickness (T)

    N/A 2.38

    Raised Face Diameter (R)

    N/A 45.75

    Length Thru Hub (Y)

    N/A 4.38

    Base of Hub Diameter (X)

    N/A 44.13

    Bore (B)

    N/A 42.25

    Approximate Weight (lbs)

    N/A 365

    Bolt Circle (C)

    N/A 46.88

    Number of Holes

    N/A 40

    Diameter of Bolt Holes

    N/A 1.13