• All dimensions are in inches.
  • 1/4" raised face will be added to the thickness unless otherwise specified.
  • 38" thru 48" sizes are the same as Series "A".
  • Flat face option available.

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    Unit of Measure


    Flange Type

    N/A Blind

    Nominal Pipe Size

    N/A 32

    Outside Diameter (O)

    N/A 48.75

    Minimum Thickness (T)

    N/A 7.31

    Raised Face Diameter (R)

    N/A 36.50

    Approximate Weight (lbs)

    N/A 3865

    Bolt Circle (C)

    N/A 43.00

    Number of Holes

    N/A 20

    Diameter of Holes

    N/A 3.12